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Karenne Griffin Interview

Karenne Griffin Interview


I’d like to welcome Karenne Griffin to my website and I also want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate.

Karenne is one of the writers in the book By My Side. Her story in the book is “Tale of a Dog”.

Could you tell us about the story?

Without first consulting her, Lucy’s boyfriend Scott volunteers her to adopt his father’s dog, Floyd, as father is having to work abroad. Lucy, a busy website designer, is reluctant but soon finds she quite enjoys taking Floyd for long walks, particularly when on one outing she meets handsome, charismatic Mal Foxton.

What was the inspiration for the story?

The idea came to me while walking in the woods above my home. A great place to walk, with or without a dog. Woodland is interspersed with farms, and the views from the hill are wonderful.

Bus Pass Holiday

I’ve always dreamed of travel and I’m fascinated by the concept of your book Bus Pass Holiday.

What inspired you to travel by bus?

I live in Wales, When I reached the age of 60 I qualified for a free bus pass. (I believe the age has since gone up to 65.) One day I was standing in Cardiff bus station taking in the destinations on buses that passed by, knowing I could reach them all free of charge. The bus pass is valid for the whole of Wales, and it is also possible to stray into places in England that are close to the border. England and Scotland have their own senior bus passes, and presumably Northern Ireland as well

Why did you decide to write a book about your bus adventures?

The idea to write about my travels occurred at the same time as the decision to venture forth. I knew my trip would be quite an adventure. I took notes along the way about sights seen, random conversations overheard, people I met, all in shaky handwriting. Bus travel isn’t usually smooth. I set to deciphering it as soon as I returned home, and Bus Pass Holiday was published around two months later.

Could you share a story about one of your adventures?

I’d always wanted to visit Portmeirion in north western Wales. I decided to stay in Porthmadog, a few miles further on. Having secured a hotel room I returned to the bus stop, but the next bus wasn’t for at least two hours so I decided to walk. In any case, the bus would only take me to the turn-off for Portmeirion. The walk across the river estuary on a causeway with spectacular mountains on the landward side was amazing. The sign at the turn-off read half a mile to Portmeirion, but it was one of those country half miles that went on forever. However when I arrived at the picturesque entrance I knew I was in for a treat. Portmeirion is so colourful and enticing, with a remarkable story. I’ve written about that day in much more detail in the first Bus Pass Holiday book. I was quite weary and footsore by the time I left, but timed the walk back to the main road to coincide with a bus to Porthmadog.

The first two pix are of crossing the estuary:

This is the entrance to Portmeirion:

Portmeirion village:

Bus Pass Holiday #2

I see you’ve written Bus Pass Holiday #2. Do you have any future plans to add another book to the series?

The first book is about my trip to North Wales and back, whereas the second book covers several excursions. I’m done with writing about bus travel for now. If something amazing or funny happens I post it on Facebook. Due to current COVID-19 lockdown in my area I can only take short essential trips under 5 miles so my wings have been somewhat clipped!

I’m focusing at present on the novel that is my work in progress: Pretty Thing. Set in 2020 in a fictional Welsh town that is mentioned in my Valleys novels, it deals with life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

My partner and I bought an old, rusty yacht just over a year ago and I’m also writing the story of its renovation, entitled Many Miles to the Sea. He’s doing most of the work as this is the second time I’ve been in lockdown this year. In any case, he’s the clever one with welding and carpentry among his many skills. The yacht is on dry land 40 miles from me.

More About Karenne

How can readers learn more about you and your books?

My five novels and the two Bus Pass books are available from Amazon for Kindle and in paperback. The two Island novels, Beyond the Island and Return to the Island, are set between Australia and England. The two Valleys novels, New Voices in the Valley and Scream at the Mountains are set in Wales. Twenty Years On is about a school reunion and set mostly in England and France. All my novels are contemporary fiction.

Readers can visit my website (see below) for further information. It has links to Amazon that enable book purchase.

Do you have anything else you’d like to share?

I was born in Australia, and in my twenties decided to do some travelling. Having seen something of the UK, Europe, and the Middle East I settled in London for about 20 years and then moved to Wales, where I’ve spent nearly 20 more years. Although a keen reader, I didn’t start writing until the age of 35. It’s never too late I suppose.


Facebook: Karenne Griffin

Karenne, thank you for sharing your personal writing story with me and my website followers.
















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