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A Method to Pay the Lowest Price at the Grocery Store

Sticker Shock!

We ate all of our venison, and now we are out of meat and need to shop at the store. I looked at the prices and shook my head. I did not buy any meat that day, but if I had, I would have grabbed a sales paper and checked to see what meat products were on sale. And that would be okay, but when I buy meat, I want the lowest price possible. Then, when I find the lowest price, I buy several packages and stock up.

My method of finding the best price will only cost you a little time. To know you are paying the lowest price, you will need to create a Price Book. It is easy to do.

You will need to collect your local store’s sales papers or view them online. These papers are the key to saving money. I recommend collecting sales papers for at least a month.

Grab those groceries sales papers and go through each one and write the price of items you would normally buy on a sheet of paper.

For example, I went to my local Sav a Lot store’s website and located a sale price for 73% lean ground beef for $2.79 a pound.

On your sheet of paper, you can create a section titled Meat. Or you could break down your sections further, with chicken, pork, beef, etc.

Now, I will write that price and description under my beef section. If over the next four weeks, I don’t find a lower price for 73% lean ground beef, I will know that $2.79 a pound is a good stock up price.

If $2.79 turns out to be the lowest price, I will transfer the information to a notebook. The notebook will be your Price Book with the lowest prices in your neighborhood.

The goal for stocking up is to buy when the sales price matches or beats the prices in your Price Book.

Additional Tips

Please, remember that in times of inflation, you may need to redo your Price Book. If you keep your price book updated, you will continue to pay the lowest prices available.

Also, if you are lucky enough to shop at the store Aldi, I recommend visiting the store. While shopping, locate the price of items you use and add to your paper. If their prices are the lowest, transfer the prices to your Price Book.







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