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A Writing Goal for 2021







One of my writing goals for 2021, is to get a  short story published in The People’s Friend.

Over confident, I wrote a story without studying the magazine. Lucky for me, Linda Lewis offers a critique service and you can find more information about Linda and her critique service on the following page on her website

So, I sent my story to Linda and paid for the critique. I enjoyed her kind honesty. My story will need a major rewrite, if I want to send it to my target market.

Writing the story was fun.  But I know if I want it published; I must get serious. So I plan to read at least three issues of the magazine.

My next step after reading for pleasure will be to study the entire magazine. I’ve always heard to be published more it helps to study the magazine you want to write for, but analysis is one of my weak points.

Not sure how to analyze the magazine, I shall lean on Linda Lewis’s book, Why Short Stories are Rejected. In her book, she gives details that could help a writer learn how to analyze a magazine. She provides other helpful information and examples.

My attempt to write for the People’s Friend was backwards. I started with a story not right for my target market. After my upcoming analysis, I hope to gain insights and rewrite my story with nuances that will appeal to the readers of The People’s Friend.

They could still reject my submission even after performing the analysis and rewriting the story.

However, I believe my story will be stronger after further work and could increase the odds for an acceptance.

To reach my goal of seeing one of my short stories in The People’s Friend in 2021, I must keep reading the magazine and try to write short stories that will appeal to the readers.

Do you have a writing goal for 2021?

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